3D Laser Crystals - Read the Review!

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Wed, Jul 20, 2011 @ 09:15 AM

At 3D Laser Gifts, we love hearing about how much you love our products. We get a lot of positive testimonials from people who were looking for the perfect gift, something unique and personal and from the heart. But we were tickled pink by this write-up from the great blog New Age Mama, where Laura DeLuca writes not only about parenting, but about green, organic, homeopathic, or just plain awesome products. In this post she writes about what she loves best about our personalized 3D laser crystals. Read a selection below! And read the full post here. Don't forget to keep up with her blog!

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Honor Veterans with a Laser Engraved Crystal Photo

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Thu, Feb 17, 2011 @ 04:18 AM

Photos are memories, important images of a time in our lives that we can always hold on to, forever engraved in the very fabric of our minds that can also be made into photo crystals from a sea of endless memories. It is saddening when we hear of someone who has lost a loved one due to war, however, as a nation we are accustomed to taking one day out of the year in showing our appreciation for all soldiers both in the past and presently with us today. Most Americans are in one way or another connected with at least one veteran who is either within their close family circle or simply a close friend.

Honor a Veteran

Often times, we think of veterans as the retired soldiers who march at parades in remembrance of a war in the not so distant past. We see how veterans hold on to their memories, perhaps memories of lost comrades or memories of better times spent with family and friends. As they march at these memorial parades we see them pay tribute to those who also kept this nation safe along their side. Remembering our war heroes and showing them how much we appreciate their dedication and devotion to their country can often times escape our minds. However, honoring them for their bravery is the least we can do.

Laser Engraved Crystal Photo

In our honest opinion, presenting a veteran with a laser engraved crystal photo is one of the most unique and most memorable ways to allow your soldier to see, each and every day, how much you truly appreciate their service and dedication.

At the very least let us remember that we owe the safety of our country and lives to the hard dedication and work put forth by those men and women in uniform who have committed themselves to doing so.
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