7 Over The Top Examples of Corporate Awards

Posted by 3D Laser Gifts on Tue, Mar 01, 2016 @ 02:22 PM

We live in a time that is all about motivation and feeling good about oneself. This trend is getting more and more popular in the workplace as corporations try to keep their employees motivated with incentives. Here are some of the most unusual corporate gifts on the market.

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10 Bad Personalized Gift Ideas to Avoid

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Thu, Apr 28, 2011 @ 03:54 AM

Looking for and finding the perfect gift is a challenge that everyone faces at some point. Many people face this challenge several times a year as they search for the best birthday gift, or wedding or anniversary present - not to mention all the gift-giving that goes on during the holidays. These days, with globalization and the Internet bringing everyone closer together, you may need Chanukah and Ramadan and Kwanza presents in addition to Christmas, Valentine’s, and Mother’s Day gifts – depending on how diverse your 900+ Facebook friends are.

With so many gift-giving opportunities that keep on coming, one after the other, year after year, it’s really not surprising that so many efforts to find the perfect present fall flat on their faces. Here is a list of 10 really awful gift ideas, just to inspire you all to try harder next time:

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Crystal Clear Business Award Ideas

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Mon, Jan 03, 2011 @ 04:41 AM

If you own a company then staff motivation is something that you are bound to come across sooner or later. Employee of the week programs, annual business awards and staff bonuses are all common ways to improve the morale of your employees. Making your employees feel valued is a great way to keep productivity high, reward those most important to your business, and keep the turnover rate down.

Recognizing the best people in your organization with business awards is a fairly common way of motivating employees, but over the years it has become a little cliché. A picture on the wall for a month can be more of an embarrassing than an appreciation. A golden trophy can likewise cause incomprehension rather than te inspiration it was designed for.

The best business award ideas are a little more subtle, a little more modern, and a little more reserved. They show appreciation, but they go for a little more taste and a little less crass. One of the best solutions for this is to create a crystal business award for your top employee.  Something that looks good, but is also an ornament that could easily be placed on a desk, without looking arrogant.

A crystal business award definitely has a little more class than a trophy, and it definitely looks good on your desk. A well designed crystal business award can have your company logo cast in 3D to help associate your companies brand with employee satisfaction. Having a prestigious employee business award will not only please the person who receives the accolade, but it will also raise the opinion of your company in the eyes of your entire workforce.

While etched crystal awards are a great way to increase your brand image, it is important not to make a rush job of the design. Choose the right crystal shape for your company, and you can even have the employees name etched in the crystal to reinforce the connotation of a connection between the company and it's personnel.

This simple yet effective business award idea is perfect for any business, large or small. By combining your corporate image and even a picture of your employee in to a laser engaged crystal you will have a truly personalized business award..

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