Top 7 Personalized Laser Engraved Gift Ideas For Holidays

Posted by 3D Laser Gifts on Sat, Dec 17, 2016 @ 06:43 PM

personalized-gifts-for-holidays_smaller.jpgThe biggest season for gift giving is just around the corner — are you prepared for it? Or are you stressed about what to give as gifts to the people on your list, that you’ll probably end up buying at the last minute?

Now is the perfect time to order engraved crystal gifts for the most important people on your Christmas list! Crystals are not only timeless and elegant, but also perfectly customizable. This means you can give something unique to each person on your list, here are some ideas you can try:

#1. Memorable moments

Does your sister have a favorite photo of the two of you together? Do you and your friends have a treasured snapshot of the entire gang from middle school? Do you and your husband have a memorable photo from your wedding day? Immortalize the image on crystal. It’s a beautiful reminder of a shared memory that will live forever.

#2. Pet lovers tokens

Take a snapshot of your best friend with their pet, or find the most adorable photo of their pets and have it etched into crystal. It’s a gift that not only immortalizes their beloved pets, but one that highlights your keen eye for personalization. It’s a gift that imparts heartfelt sincerity.

#3. Keepsakes for the men in your life

For the main men in your life, it’s always a great idea to give something that is practical and useful. Crystal paperweights etched with their favorite quote, a line from their favorite song, or a family picture are great gift-giving ideas for the holidays that they can use in the office. It’s a present that will indeed become a memorable one for the recipient.

#4. Mementos for women

Women tend to be harder to find gifts for—especially if they’re important figures in your life. Play on their sentimental side and give something that will be unique and memorable. Perhaps a heart or diamond shaped crystal --with their name and a personal message, maybe their favorite picture of the two of you together, or their birthdate to give something that’s truly one of a kind.

#5. Family remembrance

If you’re celebrating the holidays with families or couples, there’s no need to buy each of them  individual presents. Find a family photo or the couple’s favorite picture together and have that etched in crystal instead. It’s a memorable present for everyone who receives  this unique gift. You can choose to have one made as a plaque, which can take the pride of place on their mantlepiece, or if your  timing is right, you can give a holiday ornament, making it the perfect gift for Christmas.

#6. Pocketable tokens

Crystal engraved gift ideas don’t have to be massive. You can choose to make something that’s small but no less memorable. Something that they use everyday, such as a keychain is a great gift for couples. You can have each etched with the face of their beloved and give it as a gift for the holidays.

#7. Mementos of recognition

Why not try giving out awards and recognitions for each person on your holiday list this year and give out laser etched crystals as trophies? A trophy for “The World’s Best Dad”, an elegant trophy for mom, a small crystal paperweight that recognizes the most fashionably dressed sister, or a crystal trophy recognizing the coolest big brother.

This year, let make gift giving easier for you. No need to scour shopping malls packed with millions of holiday shoppers, go through long queues, or deal with traffic. Simply browse through the wide selection of engraved crystal gift ideas perfect for Christmas.

Our crystals are perfectly customizable, leaving it up to your imagination, so be as creative as you can be to give a truly unique present that will be remembered this year.  

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