Top 5 father's day gifts for cool dads

Posted by 3D Laser Gifts on Fri, May 20, 2016 @ 09:00 PM

cool.jpgIs it Father’s Day again? How did it sneak up like that? Let’s be real, though, your dad is so flippin’ awesome you pretty much already celebrate him every day of the year. Truth be told, you don’t even mind having an excuse to spend your hard earned dough on him. After all, he’s always gone above and beyond with the whole dad-thing. Here’s your chance to make this Father’s Day extra special by gifting him something he’ll remember for years to come.

Top Five Father’s Day Gifts for Cool Dads

Honor his head banging style.

blutooth_beanie.jpgWhether enduring chilly morning runs, shoveling the driveway clear of snow, or just chilling with his buds, a Bluetooth enabled beanie is like extra icing on a scrumptious cake. Not only are behead wear’s beanies cool to look at, they also have removable Bluetooth headsets inside so dad can listen to some jams, keep up with his team’s latest conquest, or even answer an incoming call.

Support his 365-day Movember.

kit_for_him.jpgNo doubt your dad’s beard is on fleek. After all, he is a master of keeping with the times. Help him keep his facial hair in style while indulging him with a luxurious shave experience by gifting him a vintage inspired shaving kit. Shaving butter, creams and after-shave made from natural essential oils like spearmint and pine will bring out his inner rugged manliness.

Give the gift of selective silence.

bose.jpgMaybe he travels often or maybe he just wants to focus on the game. Either way, a set of high-quality noise-canceling headphones are the answer. Bose offers a variety of options that may burn a hole in your pocket, however, the old adage, “you get what you pay for” applies here. It’s hard to beat the quality of sound and luxurious feel of Bose. Plus dad will be finding reasons to use them. Hey, he might even get around to mowing the lawn.

Remind him to, “stay cool dad.”

chilsner.jpgThe Chillsner by Corksicle will keep dad’s brew cool while he unwinds. What looks like a cross between an icepick and a vintage bottle cap is really a magical device for chilling warm beer and other bottled beverages. Just freeze the Chillsner and insert into a bottle to ensure it stays cool until the last sip. Dad will never have to wait for a bottle to cool or risk sipping on a deceptively lukewarm drink again.

As a kid

You dreamed of hanging out with dad all day long, every day. While this is probably even more unrealistic than when you were a tot, you can see symbolically tag along with him. A 3D Laser Custom Crystal Keychain is just the right amount of nostalgia and swag. Remind dad of the good times whenever he drives somewhere or unlocks his front door.


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