5 Unique Wedding Gifts Newlyweds Didn’t Know They Wanted

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You can only purchase a towel set or bread maker so many times before you start to feel like a robotic gift-giver.  While couples spend valuable time creating a specific and very detailed wedding registry, it is often a list of ‘needs’ and not so much a list of ‘wants.’  It can quickly turn into traditional items you would expect to see on a registry.  By the time all the gifts are open, they blend together in a color-coordinated theme – potentially lacking in variety, personalization, and uniqueness.  There are so many stand-out wedding gift options available, making it acceptable to step away from the registry and give the couple something they didn’t know that wanted, but will love and remember.

Fitness Pass


It has been said (we aren’t sure by whom) that the couple that works-out together, stays together.  For the Newlyweds that like to sweat and unless their inner fitness beast mode together, consider giving them a membership to ClassPass.  Offering more flexibility than any other fitness membership, ClassPass runs off an app where credits are loaded each month that ‘pay’ for workout classes at multiple fitness studios, but with one membership and account.  Booking only takes a few minutes and recommendations are provided based upon the profile the couple individually creates.  The app also offers blogs, video tutorials, and an online community.  Unique and perfect for the fitness-loving couple.


Destinations Map


For the couple with the wanderlust spirit, a Travel Destination Map is a unique way to help them track their travels and add to their bucket list of adventures together.  Available in two sets, the U.S. Set is presented in a mahogany word frame, includes a set of pins and flags, and lists state capitals, major cities, highways, and more. Also presented framed, with pins and flags, the World Set identifies major cities for all countries.  Both maps can be personalized with a special message on a plate attached to the frame.  Newlyweds will love pinning their honeymoon as the first destination as a married couple.


Please the Palate

Please Palate

Give the new couple a delicious and savory gift that is delivered each month.  Professionally selected and hand-cut cheeses are perfect for the couple that loves to both cook and just enjoy foods of an international variety.  Each month, they will receive three, half-pound freshly cut blocks of extraordinary cheeses selected from boutique manufacturers around the world and will savor and discover an enormous range of tastes, aromas, textures, and ways to serve and use each cheese.

If cheese isn’t your thing, this same company also offers monthly deliveries of Beer, Wine, Chocolate, and Cigars.


Crystal Wedding Photo

Weddig Crystal

Many couples say that they were so busy on their wedding day that they don’t remember the details.  Choose a unique, innovative gift for the bride and groom that will highlight one of the special moments with a wedding photo crystal. A 3D photo crystal is both a beautiful decoration for the bride and groom’s home and can stand where it will be seen and enjoyed throughout the year. Sitting atop any mantle, bookshelf or tabletop, this striking keepsake is destined to catch the eye of all who fall under its gaze, and it will surely be a topic of conversation for years to come. Whether you choose a photo of the couple on their wedding day or a photo from their courtship, it will be a gift unlike any other.

This fetching crystal memento is available in an array of sizes and can be accentuated with a LED light base that will add shine to your free personal text engraving.


Cocktail Set

Cocktail Set

For the couple that enjoys mixed drinks, especially those of their own creation, a cocktail set is the perfect gift – but not just any cocktail set.  A Moscow Mule set!  Around the 1940's, the United States adopted the Moscow Mule and it quickly became a traditional Russian inspired vodka and ginger beer drink served in cool copper mugs.   The Chef's Star 6 Piece Copper Bar Tools Set has everything the Newlyweds need to host a night of crafting and drinking their favorite cocktails – 2 mule mugs, 2 shot glasses, 1 shaker, and 1 pitcher.  This copper bar set is also perfect for enjoying any cold beverage from water and iced tea, all the way down to other cocktails and a nice beer.


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