5 Pet Memorial & Sympathy Gift Ideas

Posted by 3D Laser Gifts on Mon, Feb 22, 2016 @ 11:15 AM
pets_gift_ideas.jpgThe loss of a pet is a difficult time in any pet owner’s life and can be like losing a best friend or valued member of the family. While the memory of the joy a beloved pet provided will never truly be lost, there are a variety of pet memorial gifts that fit the needs of every unique pet owner to commemorate the life of their loss:

1. Personalized Memory Pet Stone

Immortalize the memory of your loved ones pet with a personal engraved stone. Use the stone as a subtle way to a loved pet, while doubling as an accent to a garden, walkway, or yard. Along with the pet’s name and memorial years, add an extra special touch with an engraved graphic like paw print, dog bone, cat, fish, bunny, hamster, horse, or turtle.

You can order a Personalized Memory Pet Stone Here.

2. ByeByePet Box For Children

Coping with the loss of a pet is like coping with the loss of an important family member. For many children, their first experience with death is through the loss of a beloved pet. This can be an especially difficult moment to understand in the time of a child’s life. To help children cope, the ByeByePet box is a pet memorial gift that helps children create a ritual to cope specific to their individual needs. Kids can color and decorate the biodegradable box, use it as a memory keepsake to store mementos, or use it to bury their pet. You can order the ByeByePet Box Here.

3. Sympathy Angel of Comfort

For the person who does not want much attention or fuss after the loss of a pet, the Sympathy Angel of Comfort is the perfect pet memorial gift idea. The angel is small and subtle, yet sends the message that you understand how special pets are and the loss of an animal is very difficult for pet owners. The angel with a dog in its arms will remind any pet owner that their beloved pet’s memory will never be gone. You can order a Sympathy Angel Here.

4. Heart Memorial Necklace

What’s a better way to show a pet will always have a special place in your heart than a heart shaped necklace inscribed with “Always in my heart” and a paw print? With this necklace, you can give a pet memorial gift that embodies a heart and lies close to the heart. With the opportunity for further engraving, this necklace can be personalized in an extra special way. You can order a Heart Memorial Necklace Here.

5. Pet Lovers Crystal Heart

Nothing says sympathy like a specially laser-engraved crystal, customized uniquely for each person.  The heart shaped crystal memorializes the eternal love one has for their pet. While nothing can replace the life and presence of a pet, their memory can live on with their own image engraved in the crystal with a personal engraving of your choice. This pet memorial adds class and sincerity to your sympathy gift.

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