How To Surprise Her On Valentine's Day

Posted by 3D Laser Gifts on Fri, Feb 05, 2016 @ 10:44 AM

valentine_for_her.jpgAs Valentines Day is fast approaching, it is critical for men to start thinking of their game plan. For those who deeply love their special ones but aren’t particularly romantic, this season can cause unreasonable amounts of stress. However, with a little bit of intention, creativity, and planning, you can make sure that this year you’ll give her a Valentine’s day surprise she’ll never forget. Now, let’s get down to work. Here are five ways to surprise her on Valentines Day.

1. Remember the holiday.

Yes, actually take the time to mark your calendar
and you won’t be caught off-guard. For some women, this may in fact be her biggest surprise—that you remembered! Don’t try and trust your memory, we all know how that has worked in the past. Instead, mark your calendar, set your alarm, make a deadline —whatever you have to do to remember— and you are halfway there. Now you’re ready to plan the big Valentine’s Day surprise.

2. Keep it classic.

You can’t go wrong with the classic dark chocolates and red
roses. However, much of the romance is in the delivery, so plan
appropriately. A candlelight dinner with soft romantic music as your special one arrives from work is still a wise and effective option. If you don’t already know, try and get a hint of the kind of chocolate she prefers and make sure you invest in quality. She’ll absolutely love it.

3. Start from the beginning.

Awaken her sense of nostalgia by visiting the spot where you had your first date. This could be a special restaurant, mountain summit, movie theatre, lounge—wherever it was. Bring photos along from those early days and take the time to go through them together, reflecting on the memories made. Take the time to rearticulate your feelings to her and let the good times roll. You may even need to bring a tissue.

4. Make it permanent.

Find her favorite photo of you as a couple and make an
investment by having it crystalized. The heart-shaped Valentines Day Photo Crystal from 3D Laser Gifts is one such gift idea that will allow this day to last forever. You can even add a short engraving on the bottom as a permanent “I love you” note. This gift will be a perfect décor item for her workplace, bedside, or coffee table.

5. Give her what she wants.

Has she been craving for a certain item that she won’t buy for herself—a dress, a necklace, shoes, perhaps? Well now is your chance! Don’t stress about picking out a product you think she’ll like.
Purchase that special item and have it neatly placed on her bedside when she arrives. Leave a note with directions to her favorite restaurant. Have a table ready with her favorite drink and don’t forget to give a compliment on her new item. Make sure to have your waiter take a nice photo of you two. She’ll be talking about that Valentines Day surprise for years to come.

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