Holiday Gift Ideas for the Different People in Your Life

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Gifts, even the simplest and cheapest ones, have the power to make anyone happy. The mere fact that someone took the time to pick out a gift for you or remembered you when they stumbled upon a trinket or a tee that’s on sale can immediately warm the heart and put a smile on one's face. This reality can sometimes make it incredibly difficult for some to choose presents, especially since the season of gift-giving is just around the corner. If you are one of those people, here are some holiday gift ideas for the different people in your life.


For your parents

Aside from completely changing the way we work, learn and socialize, the ongoing global health crisis has forced families apart. During these trying times, it’s fortunate that we now have technologies that can help us memorialize moments into pictures. To make gifts such as these even more special, try going ‘Beyond the Picture Frame’: Gift your parents with family photos printed on wood, a deck of cards, chatbooks, blankets or crystals. This way, you can ensure that your parents won’t miss much of your lives even though you're far apart.


For your significant other

Thinking of a gift to give to a friend is hard, but picking one for your beloved is even harder. As much as possible, you'd want to get a gift that bears a lot of meaning and is capable of showing just how much you appreciate your significant other. In this case, personalized gifts would be the best. Cosmopolitan’s review of What I Love About You said that you can pick from a customized mug or tumbler that brandishes special conversations you shared or a romantic fill in the blank book that will remind you both of your fondest memories as a couple.


For yourself

As we all try to adjust to the new normal, it is becoming increasingly important for all of us to engage in self-care activities that promote overall wellness. One of the best ways you can take care of yourself is by paying closer attention to your skin. Contrary to popular belief, skincare routines do not have to be intricate or overly complicated to be effective. Sometimes, all you need are trusty moisturizing cream and serum on top of your usual cleanser. PrettyMe’s review of AR Vitamin E Cream mentioned that when picking a moisturizing cream it is best to stick to products that can address various skin issues such as melasma, dark spots, acne, dryness and pimple marks all at once. As for the serum, Elle’s review of Glossier Super Pure said that it's best to choose one that can calm blemishes, redness and other impurities.


For your best friend

There is a myriad of things you can give to a friend these days, and most of the time, you just have to be extra patient in finding one that will suit your best friend’s personality. For artsy friends out there, customized cartoon portraits could be a cool gift. Oprah Mag’s review of Becoming by Michelle Obama noted that this book will be a great gift for your strong and powerful girlfriends.

There is nothing more delightful than a well-thought-of gift, so take the time in picking one.



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