Crystal Gift Ideas for a 15th Wedding Anniversary

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Perfect 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A decade and a half already? Congratulations! Fifteen years of marriage is a momentous occasion--and tradition calls for a gift that is worthy of this special milestone.

As we discussed in our previous blog post, the fifteenth year is represented by crystal, which is meant to signify the investment and accomplishments that a couple has gone through the years. It also stands for transparency and clarity, which reflects the ideals of a relationship at this stage, and what a married couple should work towards.

Here are some crystal gift ideas for a 15th wedding anniversary:

Crystal Fashion Accessories

A delicate and beautiful material like crystal would make beautiful fashion accessories. For men, a pair of crystal cuff links are an elegant and subtle reminder of this milestone in your marriage. For women, a pair of crystal earrings, a ring, or a necklace are delicate symbols of this occasion that will definitely be treasured. If you want something matching instead, you can engrave crystal pendants with a family photo that both of you can wear.

anniversary necklace.png

Personalized Crystal Tokens

A laser-engraved crystal etched with your wedding photo is a memorable and unique way to mark your 15th year together as a couple. Whether you want it to be displayed on your mantlepiece at home or on your desk at work, engraving a photo on crystal means you’re preserving a beautiful memory that both of you share forever.

anniversary crystal.jpg

Practical Crystal Keepsakes

Something simple that will definitely be appreciated are a pair of crystal keychains. Key chains make practical gifts that you know will be used and treasured, especially when you go the extra mile to personalize it. Try engraving your favorite photo together to create matching pieces, or use preferred pictures of yourself from your wedding day so that it serves as a constant reminder of your years as a couple.

Crystal Household Essentials

For wine enthusiasts, a crystal set of wine glasses paired with the same bottle of wine served at your wedding is sentimental gift idea to commemorate 15 years of marriage. Add a personalized touch with a 2D personalized wine bottle stopper, where you can engrave a wedding photo to make this year’s anniversary toast even more romantic.


This is a once in a lifetime occasion that deserves to be commemorated with something equally special. Stay true to tradition and surprise your husband or wife with a crystal keepsake that will be treasured for years to come; and make sure you that you personalize it especially for this occasion.

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