Forgot your Wedding Anniversary? Here Are Some Ways To Make It Up.

Posted by 3D Laser Gifts on Wed, Mar 16, 2016 @ 05:00 PM

anniversary_flowers.jpgYou forgot your anniversary. For some of us, it’s due to a heavy workload. For others time simply flew quicker than expected.  Or, if you’re like many, you’re just downright forgetful about dates in general. Whatever the reason, when it happens it can be quite difficult to make up for. But remember, your partner just wants to feel loved, so as long as you focus on that and do something special, you should be fine. Here are some ideas that should allow you to properly make it up to your partner:

Talk Things Through

Nothing beats a sincere apology if you admit your mistake and tell your partner how sorry you are. Most probably, your partner already knows the reason you forgot the anniversary. All that your partner wants is for you to take responsibility for your mistake; no excuses.

Give Your Best

Even if you were able to talk things through, you still have to make it up to him/her by showing your partner how much you love them (repetitive). Even though the special day has passed, bring together their closest friends and throw your partner an epic party. And don’t forget a cake with a special message written on it and a set of flowers to give the occasion a romantic ambiance.  Help your partner forget that you forgot your anniversary!

Get your partner something he always wanted

What comes next after a party? A surprise gift! Regardless, if you forgot the anniversary or not, you owe your partner the best gift you can give him in return for all the love and care he has given you! Get your partner something he has always talked about and desired to have or experience. It may be a hiking tour among the mountains or that pet dog from the local shelter.  Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile!

Take your partner to a romantic dinner

After the party, take your partner to a romantic restaurant for some alone time. If you’ve got kids, leave them at home with a babysitter. Ideally, you want to make the night as intimate as possible, focusing on regaining their confidence in your love and affection for them.  Savor every moment you spend together.

Celebrate your anniversary the whole month

This idea demands a bit of creativity, but it’ll be well worth it!  If you want to eliminate any bad feelings from the mistake of forgetting their anniversary, commit to celebrating it every weekend for the next month.  You can even sit down as a couple and plan your weekends together.  Make sure you are sincere and that your partner can see it.  Take this opportunity to allow your partner the freedom to choose dining venues, activities, movies, locations, and whatever else their heart desires.  Your next month together is sure to overshadow the forgotten anniversary date.


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