Celebrate your graduation like a boss

Posted by 3D Laser Gifts on Mon, May 23, 2016 @ 09:44 AM

happy_grad.jpgFinal exams are over and all that is left is to graduate. Except making memories that will last a lifetime. Live it up because this is your last chance before becoming a full-time adult.

So if you're looking to reward yourself with some recless, enjoyable splurging, here are some ideas:


Maserati Cum Laude

Take a trip to your local car dealer and buy that luxury car you’ve been drooling over. You’ve known your career path since you were four, which is obviously the family business. Yes, being part of the one percent can be tough. With graduation looming, the party is about to end so go out with a bang.


Seas the Day

Take your classmates out on your yacht for one last hoorah. Make sure to bring plenty of beverages and sunscreen. No one wants to look like a lobster on graduation day.




A Yellow Farewell.

Get backstage passes to Coldplay for your entourage. Sing along to every song and cry during their final set because it hits that you all good things must really come to an end.

Paris in the Spring Fling

Borrow your dad’s private jet and take that hottie you’ve had your eye on all semester to Paris. Ah, L’amour!

The 99% Budget

selfie.jpgLet’s be honest, you probably don’t fall into the previous category. It’s okay to own your “broke-student” career, after all, it will be over soon. As graduation day approaches take the time to enjoy your friends, recognize the faculty and staff who made a difference for you, and pat yourself on the back. This it what it truly means to celebrate like a boss.


Weekend Getaway

Get your crew together for the weekend and go somewhere memorable. Can’t afford a room at a resort or a trip to Vegas? Split a cabin near some hot springs and make a road trip to it.


See if the Stars Align.

stars.jpgTake some friends and some family and spend a night star-gazing. Humans have been looking to the stars since time began. Use this time to celebrate life, love, and the satisfaction of accomplishing your goals. Make sure someone brings a box of tissues as this can be emotional for some people.


Bedtimes are for adults... too.

It’s the night before graduation and it may be tempting to party the night away with friends. After all, you’ve made it this far so you deserve to have some fun, right? Only thing is you don’t want to look like a zombie when it’s your turn to receive your diploma. To avoid this give yourself a bedtime. Enjoy yourself and have as much fun as you’d like, but when it’s time to hit the hay hit the hay. You, your family, and marching partner will all be glad you did. Especially when your Aunt Sally whips out her camera and demands celebratory pictures.

Go Solo: After graduation, celebrate all your hard work by going on a trip by yourself. Pack your bags and travel across the globe or across town. The point is to get out of your comfort zone, treat yourself, be grateful for your experiences, and process your transition into full-time adulthood.  


Carve it in Crystal

It’s a like a permanent pat on the back. Let it remind you that you can do anything you put your mind to. Plus it will look legit on a bookshelf or work wonders as a paperweight on your desk. Check out these options here: http://www.3dlasergifts.com/create-your-own-crystals/create-your-own-crystals-for-special-occasions/graduation.html.


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