Top Five Last Minute Father's Day Personalized Gifts Ideas

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Sat, May 21, 2011 @ 03:57 AM

Need a last minute Father’s Day gift idea? How about five Father’s Day Gift Ideas?  We at 3D Laser Gifts may not be the most unbiased source of gift ideas, since we are constantly receiving so much praise and positive reviews from happy customers who have received their photos laser-etched into the powerful Prestige, Diamond, and Tower-form photo crystals. In fact, we are convinced that our pristine 3D laser photo crystals are so ideal for your old dad that they fill out all five spots in our list of the Top 5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas. Imagine that!

1. A Family Photo set in our Flat-form crystal is a safe bet. Your husband or father will love the whole family smiling from his crystal, which has a lighted base to illuminate the image. Not only that, but unlike our other crystal forms, the Flat crystal can be engraved with the original photo background. That family shot in front of Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon would be perfect.

2. Alternatively, if he is more into escapism this Father’s Day, you can always put one of his dramatic fishing photos or golf triumphs into one of our Diamond-form crystals. Or if he’s more of an indoor guy, perhaps his favorite Star Trek or comic book character would make his day.

3. What red-blooded manly man doesn’t want his own handsome face memorialized forever in crystal? Our Tower-form crystal isideal for portraits and will encourage his self-love nicely.

4. Does he love the written word? A nice quote from his favorite philosopher or statesman could be his inspiration every day. Alternatively, his favorite singer may have said something particularly poignantly, so go through his collection of Bruce Springsteen albums and pick out something that sums him up – he’ll think you are the coolest son/daughter/wife of them all. From the crooning mouth of the Boss himself: “We're here to re-dedicate you to The Power, The Passion, The Mystery, and The Ministry of Rock and Roll.” --Bruce Springsteen (Guitar magazine, July 1999). How is that not awesome embedded deep inside a crystal?

5. Get a nice closeup of your family’s faces, which render so beautifully in 3D photocrystals, and put it in our Train form crystal. A variety of sizes will accommodate all your faces, even if you have a family of 10 and need the MAX size (7.8 X 5.6 X 3). Remember that depending on the size, the fewer faces there are per crystal, the better they turn out.

This Father's Day, he'll love the bold lines of the crystal, the masculine edge, and the sweet 3D photograph encased within. Show him how much he means to you and how you’ve appreciated his guidance with one of these. But don’t be surprised if he sheds a tear or two because of your gesture, and we know how awkward it can be to watch your father cry. He’ll love it.

Happy Father’s Day!

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