Three Great Last Minute Graduation Gift Ideas

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Sun, May 29, 2011 @ 03:54 AM

3D Laser Gifts - Train Graduation Photo Crystal

The end of Spring, Memorial Day Weekend,and graduation gifts seem to go hand in hand. As towns across the USA warm up, the senior semester is finally cooling down for graduates-and if there's anything these graduates want (aside from their diplomas) (and perhaps money) - it's personalized graduation giftsfrom the heart. No graduate you know will turn down some cash, but a thoughtful, personalized graduation gift can have a tangible presence in a graduate's life long after the ceremony. At 3D Laser Gifts, we have a few personalized graduation gift ideas that, one of which is bound to rock your graduate's world.

A Graduation Photo. You'll need to snap this shot while your loved one is accepting his or her diploma, but the wait for the gift will be worth it. Engrave that smiling face on crystal and watch your graduation gift last forever.

A Diploma Photo. Getting your hands on the graduate's actual diploma for a surprise gift might be tricky, but your sleuthing will pay off when you hand him or her a 3D laser crystal depicting the exact diploma received on graduation day.

Words of Inspiration. Graduating, from high school or from college, is an honorable feat. But graduation time can double as an exciting and terrifying time for graduates. It's one thing to spend years honing skills and studying, it's an entirely different thing to live in the "real world" and make your way by applying those skills and that knowledge. Help to encourage your loved one by engraving some words of wisdom into crystal.

Some celebrations are meant to be commemorated. Graduation is one of those celebrations. Reward the hard work of your graduating loved one with a little something they can cling onto during the days to come. Not only will your heartfelt, customized graduation gift remind them of their own achievements, but it will remind them of you, as well.

3D Laser Gifts Flat - Graduation

Our custom designed laser etched crystals celebrate their success in a way that will be treasured forever. Strive towards the future but always remember the past with our 3D photo crystals.

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