Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Thu, Nov 18, 2010 @ 05:31 AM

While our 3D Laser Gifts can make the perfect personalized Christmas gift, there are some other great gift ideas out there. Last night I stumbled across this fantastic blog by Leanne, which has some wonderful homemade gift ideas for children.

These great Christmas gifts are simple to create, but you may need a little bit of DIY know how. The thing that makes these unique Christmas gifts so exceptional is that they are unique, and instantly form a gift between the gift giver, and the recipient. When it comes to personalized Christmas gifts, the charm of the home made style definitely has an appeal that gives a gift a real level of sentimental value. A gift which has come from you personally will always be much more valued present.

The creation of 3D photos in laser etched crystals 3D laser gifts tries to instill the same emotional values. By placing a memorable photograph in to a 3D image in glass these beautiful 3D laser images gain a lifelike look to your most cherished images.

It is not always easy to give a personalized Christmas gift which really conveys how you feel to the people you love. A handcrafted item is a great way to go, and some of the ideas which Leanne has found on her blog are great gifts for younger children. If you are looking for a personalized Christmas gift for adults though a homemade gift can sometimes appear a little cheap, or last minute.


3D Crystal

With a personalized crystal photo you can provide a beautiful memory captured in 3D as a unique Christmas gift. While a 3D laser etched crystal might not sound particularly inventive, the right photograph molded in to a three dimensional shape will bring a new level of life to an image, making it a beautiful reminder of the past, a recent event, or simply the two of you together.

Whether you choose to give a 3D photo in glass, or you spend some time sewing a handcrafted selection of Christmas ornaments together, always remember that the best Christmas gifts are unique Christmas gifts.

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