A Crystal Award Gift with a Touch of Elegance

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Fri, Mar 18, 2011 @ 04:07 AM

There’s no better way to say thank you to an employee than with an elegant crystal photo gift digitally designed with laser technology. A crystal photo gift raises the bar on corporate and small business gift giving by incorporating photos into business mementos or awards in a crystallized piece of art that lasts forever along with the memory it holds.

The creation process is simple. All it takes is a photo, a word, or even ad idea that can be transformed into an elegant crystal desk ornament, an award, or even a trophy.

Our many satisfied customers like Angela provide the best testament to our products:


To whom it may concern,

Two months ago, I was put in charge of my company's annual retreat. One of the tasks given was to provide a commemorative item. I had a neighbor suggest etched crystals. She had bought one from you and I thought it looked great. To shorten the story, wow! We ended up using a group shot photo from the retreat and personalized them with each person's name. Everyone LOVED them. Not only did you make me an office hero, you have now made it easier for the next coordinator as it's decided, we're coming to you again. Thank you!

Boston, MA

With personal crystal photos, gift giving reaches new realms of the imagination. There are no boundaries to the extent of gifts available to reward an employee’s achievement. Imagine a crystallized award or trophy sitting on top a desk containing an image of your company logo along with a message of gratitude for an employee’s service on their ten-year anniversary.


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Not only is the message conveyed to the employee receiving the gift, it is seen loud and clear by every member of your staff. Your message sends a message that you care and raises your stock with your employees, while raising their morale. Because of your heartfelt gift, the office no longer looks like a cold and colorless place.

Change is at your fingertips and it shimmers with simplicity and elegance.

You don’t need to be a computer genius to create memorable crystal photo gifts. The easy to follow process starts online and ends with a smile. You have the power to create something much more than just an ordinary lackluster business gift that winds up behind the computer monitor against the wall. You have the power to create a moment worth saving in a crystal photo gift straight from your heart.

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