Top Ten Uses of 3D Crystal Photo for College Students

Posted by Bryan Sy on Mon, Jun 24, 2013 @ 10:14 AM

Grad 3D Crystal Photo

3D Laser Gifts is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Laser Art Collection; the Graduation collection. This release comes just in time to provide you with a truly memorable gift for your graduate.

  1. Facebook won’t last forever

The laser-engraving process used here at 3D Laser Gifts will convert your photos into something tangible that won’t slip thru a crack in your hard drive.

  1. Its more than a mantle-piece

A 3D Photo Crystal of your graduate will not only please the eye, it will add beauty to your mantle, work desk, bureau or any other space you place it in.

  1. It is unique

Now is the perfect time to make your graduate feel special with this personalized gift. With six bold designs to choose from and custom options available, the 3D Photo Crystal is a truly unique gift.

  1. You can go back in time

The designers at 3D Laser Gifts can turn your cherished and fragile family photos from the past into engraved crystal art.

  1. It is durable

You can hold the crystal in your hands and pass it among loved ones and friends.  

  1. It is a reminder

The 3d crystal photo reminds you of the days of Little League trophies, Science Fair medals, and community service awards.

  1. Something to hold onto

Photo albums and shoe-boxes filled with memories have all but disappeared. Isn’t it nice to know that there is something to hold onto?

  1. Crystal engraving is art

Homes used to be filled with sketches of family members that jumped off the page. The 3D Photo Crystal photo recaptures the feel of that art form.

  1. Like a yearbook

Yearbooks never caught on big with the college-aged set. Can’t you see graduates passing around this kind of photo at reunion parties and get-togethers?

  1. Because you want them to remember

With a 3d crystal photo capturing your son, daughter or loved one in one of the proudest moments of their young life; the power of that image takes on a whole new dimension.



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