A Gift of Engraved Crystal Photo to Celebrate All Men in Your Life

Posted by Bryan Sy on Mon, Jun 10, 2013 @ 02:57 PM

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If you want to celebrate the man in your life with a picture on the mantel, but want something a bit different from a plain old picture frame, then look no more.

Have you thought of an engraved crystal photo?

This is a new and exciting way of mounting a picture of a love one which will look impressive in a number of different setting. Engraved crystal photos is a new technique where clever computer software is used to remodel a photo into a 3D image, that is etched with a laser into clear solid crystal that will last a life time.

All that we need is a suitable photo. Then you have to choose from a vast range of crystals the one you like. Crystals can come in virtually whatever shape you want from a square block, cube, to a heart shape, the choice is yours, the crystal can also be small or large. All crystals are chosen for their optical clarity for the best results. We can turn a 2D image into an exciting 3D image so the crystal can be admired from any angle.

An engraved crystal photo will last forever where ordinary photos can get, turn, bent, damaged or lost. What's more, crystal photos are suitable for all occasions, family photos, weddings, anniversaries, animals, birthdays, graduations and awards.

An engraved crystal photo will look good in any setting whether it be on the mantel, coffee table or in a cabinet. Your crystal engraved photo can also be illuminated with a light base which is mounted under the crystal. This can be very useful for making an impressive display perhaps in a dark corner of the living room.

Your friends will be so impressed they too will be wanting a crystal engraved photo of their loved ones.


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