Graduation Gift Guide (A Gift of 3D Crystal Photo)

Posted by Bryan Sy on Wed, Jun 05, 2013 @ 12:11 PM
Graduation Picture 

Okay, do you have a friend or sibling who is finally graduating? Why don’t you opt for something different, like giving a 3D crystal photo? It is time to put on your thinking cap and come up with a gift that person will cherish and love. This can be an overwhelming task, or is it? If you are like the majority, you definitely need help in choosing the right graduation gift. Instead of going with the usual fare that most friends, siblings and parents churn out, their graduation photo engraved inside the glass will certainly get a lot of eyeballs!

3D Crystal Photo

Graduations mark the end of a phase in life and start of a new phase. It is an exciting and thrilling time. You can memorialize the event by gifting the person a unique 3D crystal photo. This beautiful keepsake will be a constant reminder of the person’s achievement and success, and hence will be truly cherished and treasured forever. You can get 3D crystal photo in a variety of shapes, such as diamond, flat, prestige, train, tower and heart. Having the person’s graduation photograph etched on the glass makes a spectacular graduation gift.

Video-Message from-Teachers

There is nothing like taking a walk down memory lane! Get some of the person’s former teachers to record a short video message. Try concentrating on funny and amusing anecdotes that the teachers remember about the person. Play this video message when you are celebrating the person’s graduation. It will make the event fun and memorable and the recipient will love this unique gift.


Now that your friend or sibling has graduated, he will be ready for the job market. It means spending hours commuting. How about letting your friend enjoy some music during the commute to kill time and boredom? Instead of giving a simple MP3 player, personalize it with an engraving. You can engrave the person’s name or a motivational quote to remind the person never to give up in the face of challenges and obstacles.

The 3D crystal photo is perhaps the most unique graduation gift and is bound to be a big hit with the gift recipient.

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