A Different Way to Say Thank You (Gift with laser photo engraving)

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 09:03 AM

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Expressing your thoughts can be hard, especially when you are looking for a way to express gratitude perpetually. All around you are people who have touched your life, some probably kicked your butt but you are grateful for it! 

Indirect Effect

A good way of sparking memories is perpetuating your most embarrassing photos (maybe not) using laser photo engraving. You could dig out  one of the black and white pictures of your parents long before you were born; expressing gratitude does not have to be direct, it can be said in a picture, and sometimes in the most unusual of pictures. Laser photo engraving is a process that takes your photo and turns it into a symbol of perpetual memory and appreciation.

Making it Forever

There are many ways of preserving the picture that is to be your message of gratitude,  but nothing says it better than a  three dimensional projection of the picture; perpetuated in a crystal to crown your parents mantelpiece or your dad's desk at work. Using laser photo engraving, your picture is scanned into a computer which guides specialized lasers to perfectly replicate the image on a crystal surface. The results are breathtaking and undoubtedly memorable: A three dimensional (3D) representation of up to three people suspended in a clear crystal; visible from all angles like a projected image from the past.

Go Simple and Sophisticated

The best messages are sent in a simplistic yet with deep meaning and intent. People pour in their memories into pictures to bring back the sweetest and most pleasant memories of the past. You can choose the picture based on:

·      A memorable and sweet event like an embarrassing moment to keep them laughing

·      A fun picture of your achievements to remind them of their contribution

·      A graphic with a perpetual message

With unlimited options for pictures, you can render it in three dimensional or two dimensional presentations in crystal using laser photo engraving, sealing in the message of gratitude and appreciation for their efforts and contribution to your success and happiness.

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