Bring Back the Best Times With 3D Engraving Annyversary Gift

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 @ 02:39 AM

Photographs are our personal time machine. They bring back the time when you proposed to your beloved wife, who lately enjoys Desperate Housewives instead of providing you with some quality time. They would lead you back to the time, when you were walking down the aisle. They even bring back the times when you felt like just being vain. They capture every moment you found joyful at the time. They even make a lovely gift. No, we’re not talking about those flat pieces of paper trapped inside a frame. Those are old school. There is a better way to capture every moment and bring it back.


Laser glass engravings bring about a new dimension of capturing special moments - they give those old flat pictures a third dimension. They are not only perfect for spicing up your boring shelves, as a notable anniversary gift they can also light some old fires and spice up your life.

  • Give Prestige 3D Picture Crystal as Fashion Accessory:
    Every woman needs a set of fashion accessories. Personalizing her new Prada with Freestyle 3d picture crystal as zipper pendant may just make you a perfect husband and a trend setter.


  • Train or Tower 3D Picture Engraving as a Paper Weight Gift:
    Behind-the-desk job includes a lot of paper work. Making 3D picture crystal with one of the joyride events on it makes managing papers and tough boss much easier for your better half. And that makes it a perfect anniversary gift.


  • Flat or Diamond 3D Picture Crystal as Great Anniversary Shelf Decoration:
    Tired of those ordinary wall paintings at home your home? Glass engraved photographs bring a new twist to any dull place, and when one of important moments is caught in it, they also warm up your sweetheart.


  • Give it as Heart Shaped 3D Award Token:
    A job well done deserves recognition. 3D glass engravings put merits for years of partner's work and support in a new height.

Every day brings a lot of surprises for you. Capturing memorable moments and storing them in glass 3d engraving make those memories immortal in a new, entertaining and fancy way.


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