Top 4 Personalized Gifts

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Mon, Aug 20, 2012 @ 10:30 PM

It is the gifting season and, you are sitting there wondering, what can I get them for this season? You recount the previous gifts that you had sent them earlier, the mug, well, not received well. The teddy bear, it was funny but the reaction was unexpected, the key holder, too small. As you go through your mental checklist, you get more and more depressed. Then you remember, there is something that you have not considered. 

How about getting them a personalized gift? That seems like a nice idea, but then ideas start flowing through your head. You are now wondering what would really be the best thing to get your loved one. Well you need not worry anymore; here are four top suggestions on the best-customized gift ideas.

Crystal gifts: an anniversary can be an occasion to mark many special accomplishments of milestones in one’s life. If you are thinking of getting customizable gift items that are as unique as they are beautiful, then you should opt to get a customized laser etched crystal. The 3D images can be used to light up the homes or offices of your loved ones for a long time.

Customized books: if you are thinking of getting a growing kid some gifts, then you should consider getting them customized books. You can have kid stories written with the name of the child as the star of the story as well as their friends’ names as other characters in the story.

 Jewelry and accessories: jewelry is and will always be a timeless classic gift. It is perfect for any occasion and any season and, you can choose an expensive gift or a cheaper jewelry. One thing about jewelry is that it can be custom made specially to suit any occasion or your own individual likings. You may, for example, choose to engrave your loved one’s name or their initials on a pendant or a bracelet.

Custom wall art: another timeless classic gift has to be wall art; the beauty about the wall arts is that it can be customized into a lovely gift. 

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