Ten Most Popular Wedding Pictures for Etched Glass Photos

Posted by Rebecca Pearson on Mon, Jul 16, 2012 @ 03:29 PM

Wedding pictures are an important part of the wedding. Today, we're sharing ten popular pictures taken at almost every wedding. Whether you choose to do a traditional church ceremony and banquet reception or you go a less traditional route, these pictures are sure to end up in your wedding album:

  1. Father-Daughter Dance. The moment all fathers wait for from the day their little girl is born. 
  2. Mother-Son Dance. The groom's moment with his mom. This dance celebrates the special bond between a mother and her son.
  3. First Dance. A traditional moment found in even the most untraditional weddings. 
  4. First Kiss. The most symbolic moment of the wedding. This is the first moment the bride and groom can be considered husband and wife.
  5. Reception Entrance. These pictures tend to show more excitement and silliness than the other pictures. With dances and props involved, the entrance pictures are usually more candid and capture the essence of the couple.
  6. Flower girl/Ring Bearer. Arguably the cutest members of the wedding party. Plus, who can resist a picture of a mini looking bride and groom?
  7. Bride/Groom and Parents. A picture of the bride and groom with their parents is a mandatory wedding picture. After all, it is a big day for the parents too.
  8. Speeches. Another candid moment and a great way to capture the father of the bride, maid of honor, or best man's speech.
  9. Bride and Maid of Honor. A picture of the bride in her sister, cousin, or best friend.
  10. Groom and Best Man. The groom and his number one man.
Father daughter wedding {photo via bettina n}
What is your favorite picture from your wedding or a wedding you attended? Did you ever consider turning the picture into an etched glass photo?

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