What is Vitrography?

Posted by Rebecca Pearson on Fri, Jul 27, 2012 @ 06:25 AM

At 3D Laser Gifts, our specialty is turning your 2D pictures unto 3D engraved images on crystals. The engraving process we use is called Vitrography. Vitrography uses highly concentrated laser beams to etch images, symbols, and text onto the surface of a crystal. The laser beams must create hundreds to thousands of small points, with the actual number of points needed depending on the size and detail of your 2D image. The process of Vitrography physically changes the crystal's surface so the image is permanently engraved onto the crystal.

How does the laser beam know where to mark the crystal? The laser beam is controlled by a computer that is programmed for each individual image. The technician operating the computer enters specifics of the 2D image to make sure the 3D image will properly represent the original picture. The total time of the vitrography process varies. Pictures with one person or figure will take less time than pictures with groups of three or four people. With larger pictures, the surface requires more structural changes.

To clarify, we've broken the process into steps and even included one of our videos that provide a quick visual of the steps.

First, you send us your 2D image. The best images are the ones that are clear, without any dark spots, and the subject of the picture is not moving. Next, our designers take your image and prep it for the engraving process. The designers pick what points on the image the laser beam will hit to create a 3D image. They will also get rid of extra details like the background which could detract from the main image. Once our designers are done, we program the computer for the specific image design and let the engraving begin.

Here is the video, which provides a visual of the process.

Want to see more videos about our engraved crystals and the vitrography process? Visit our 3D Laser Gifts' YouTube channel to view our videos.

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