Graduation 2012 in 3D Crystal Pictures

Posted by Rebecca Pearson on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 @ 02:10 PM

Graduation 2012

{image via kevin dooley}


Even though the graduation ceremonies and parties are over, it is not too late to honor your 2012 graduate. With the lazy days of summer here, now is the perfect time to look through the hundreds of graduation pictures. Find the image that truly captures the moment of graduation - excitement, anxiety, joy, trepidation - and turn it into a 3D memory.

3D engraved crystals take a normal 2D picture and turn it into a keepsake. Unlike a regular 2D image, the 3D picture crystal brings images to life. The image is so realistic; you instinctively reach out towards the laser crystal photo. When paired with one of our light bases, the laser engraved photo is illuminated to accentuate the thousand etched points that make up the 3D image.

Wondering which graduation image you should engrave on your 3D picture crystal? We have some suggestions for you!

  • The graduate and the diploma. An image of the graduate and the diploma/degree is the iconic graduation image. For the best image quality, we suggest using one where the graduate is standing still and posing instead of a 'walking across the stage' action shot.
  • The graduate and the parents/grandparents. The parent/grandparent photos are mandatory pictures during graduation. 3D engraved smiles, laughs, and hugs are great memories.
  • The graduate and the friends. Graduation is so much sweeter when you share it with your closet friends. Group pictures with three or four members of the Class of 2012 will fit onto our larger tower and train crystals.
  • The graduate and the mentor. A picture of the graduate and the favorite teacher or peer mentor helps reminds you that graduation is not only a proud moment for the graduate; it is also a moment to remember for the people in his/her life.
  • The graduate and the mascot. After all, nothing symbolizes a graduate's alma mater like the school mascot.
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