Father's Day 2012: Different Ways to Say 'Thanks, Dad'

Posted by Rebecca Pearson on Fri, Jun 15, 2012 @ 04:19 PM

This Sunday, we celebrate Dad. Father's Day is the day where the focus is everything Dad-related, making it the perfect day to show your love and appreciation. However, this is sometimes easier said than done. Sometimes, like with all holidays, the hardest thing is finding the right gift.

Father's Day 2012

Stuck for ideas? Well, you're in luck. Today, we are sharing different ways to say 'Thanks, Dad'. Some of our ideas are creative, some are tear-jerkers, and some are last minute helpers, but, all will definitely show Dad how much you appreciate him.

  • Homemade card. It doesn't matter your age; the homemade card never gets old and never goes out of style. You can customize the card with special memories, favorite pictures, or a meaningful poem (even if you borrow the words from your favorite poet).
  • Day at the ballgame. Baseball is America's pastime for a reason. What better way to celebrate and thank Dad than with hot dogs, beers, and your favorite baseball team? Even better? If your team wins!
  • Personalized gift. Personalizing a gift means putting in that extra step, which Dad will appreciate. A customized 3D engraved crystal not only adds a personal touch but it uses laser photo engraving to capture a moment. A crystal gift will make Father's Day 2012 one to remember.
  • Afternoon alone. Yes, you love your Dad and he loves you. However, sometimes space is good. Give Dad an afternoon to himself to nap, hang out in the yard, watch sports, or do absolutely nothing.
  • Yard work and chores. Is your father is always asking you to help out around the house and yard? Well, you can surprise him this week by cleaning up before he even asks. Mow the lawn, take out the trash, clean the pool, or do the dishes. The more you pitch in, the less Dad has to do.
  • Family BBQ. Give the grill master of the family a day off. Invite over aunts, uncles, and cousins to barbeque some burgers, chicken, and steak. With summer officially starting on June 20, you can take advantage of the (hopefully) warm and sunny weather.
  • Tie. It's the old standby. When all else fails, get Dad a new tie for his collection. It is one of those clothing items where you can never have too many. Plus, it's better than nothing.

To all the dads, stepdads, husbands, uncles, brothers, and more - Happy Father's Day!

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