Last Minute Personalized Graduation Gifts

Posted by Ben Britz on Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 11:21 AM

Graduation gifts are a great way to congratulate your recent graduate on their accomplishment. A personalized graduation gift from 3D Laser Gifts will not only show your pride, but serve to inspire your grad as they begin a new stage in their lives.

Graduation_Faceted Tapered Tower_Right.jpgA fresh crop of graduates from high schools and universities is about to descend on the real world, bringing with them their new skills, young energy, and ideas to contribute to this great society. It is no small achievement; each graduate has spent years in school just for it all to culminate now, and the excitement of having completed one of life’s milestones will soon be replaced by the realization of just how wide the world is. They have worked hard their whole lives not just to prepare for the world, but to make the most of it, to be thrilled by it and to take advantage of everything life has to offer.

The ideal graduation gift will reflect the excitement, newness, and sense of new responsibility. In the best cases, the best graduation gift will even encourage tired and downtrodden hearts – the freedom of adulthood can be overwhelming and discouraging, and it can be hard not to become cynical or to lose perspective. Everyone, and not just graduates, needs to be inspired to stay focused on their goals and dreams, but they can always benefit from remembering where they come from and how far they’ve gone.

The best graduation gifts inspire and remind

Inspire. To keep looking ahead and to avoid discouragement, we need inspiration. Pick an image, a photograph of something that reflects your graduate’s dreams and aspirations, so that they can be inspired every time they see their 3D crystal. A portrait of someone they look up to, or of someone they remember and honor may be the best inspiration. A 3d crystal photo of a triumphant moment like winning the spelling bee, catching the biggest fish, or even graduation will remind them of their past successes and inspire future ones.

Remind. No one can go far without remembering where they’ve come from and who they are. Even as your graduate is looking ahead and plotting out the course they want to take, a reminder of their origins and of those who love them best will be a great comfort for years to come. A family photo, or a picture of their childhood dog, or of loving parents or grandparents, etched in 3D inside a crystal, will be a beautiful, eternal reminder of the first things they loved, and of who they are.

3D Laser Gifts offers tasteful, elegant, and touching gifts that are completely customizable. Because you choose the photo for your gift, it can be as meaningful and touching – and personal – as you want it to be. You provide the meaning, and we provide the work of art that will honor the image inside of it.

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