A Memorable, Personalized Father’s Day Gift from 3D Laser Gifts

Posted by Ben Britz on Tue, May 22, 2012 @ 04:50 PM

Father’s Day Gift Ideas lists are usually full of gadgetry, neckties, outdoor equipment, tools, and other useful items. This year, give your dad a more personal father’s day gift, a 3D crystal portrait of one of his favorite memories.

Father's Day GiftsWhile we fully support the giving of practical gifts, we don’t want to perpetuate the notion that fathers, or men in general, do not appreciate gifts with a more emotional, personal touch. 3D Laser Gifts recognizes the deep wealth of feeling in the heart of every man, and we’d like to give you the opportunity to recognize the soft side of your Father.

Father’s Day is meant to celebrate all that is good about the fathers in our lives. They are father figures, role models, people we look up to all our lives. They are men who love their children; they are our fathers, step fathers, brothers, sons, cousins, friends, loved ones who are driven to bring out the best of themselves that they see in their kids.

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This year, forgo the necktie, the gadgets, the tartan socks, and everything you see on the innumerable Father’s Day Gift Ideas lists you’re seeing on every other gift blog. Instead, bring tears of joy to his eyes with a fond memory, a favorite photo of his preserved in crystal. 3DLaserGifts.com will walk you through the process of uploading an appropriate photo, personalizing it, and you’ll receive the completed crystal in about a week. Here are some ideas for a 3D crystal photo for Father’s Day to get you started:


Father’s Day Gift Ideas from 3D Laser Gifts

Your Childhood Photo: Choose an unblurred, crisp photograph of you and your siblings to remind him what being a father is all about. He’ll like it even more if he’s in the photograph as a younger man, before all your adolescent shenanigans grayed his weary head.

Father's Day Gifts

Your Parents’ Wedding Photo: Old-fashioned wedding photos are a big hit. The combination of an old photograph (scanned and uploaded) with the high-tech 3D crystal imaging process will produce a lovely work of art that will show everyone where the whole family began.

His Father’s Portrait: Your old man would not be who he is today without the influence of his old man. Whether he knows it or not, a father’s influence extends far beyond what our biased perceptions would have us believe. Honor your father by honoring your grandfather.

Hobbies: Most men are fascinated by some random topic; consider making a 3D laser photo of a sports hero, musician, actor, classic car or motorcycle, or his favorite model sailboat in a bottle. 

Take a look at how one of our favorite Father’s Day 3D laser crystals turned out:



And finally, if your wallet is looking a little anemic this year, our friends are hosting giveaways where you can win a 3D laser gift just by signing up! Obviously, if you win, you can create any 3D crystal image you want, but consider making your prize into the best Father’s Day gift ever: just upload a Dad-themed photo to our site when you win and get your Father’s Day present for free. No one will ever know!

3D Laser Gift Giveaways

Put a Little Umbrella in Your Drink: Father’s Day Gift Guide:: Diamond Photo Crystal

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If you need something special for the #1 Dad, make him feel like a king with a personalized photo crystal from www.3dlasergifts.com. 3D Laser Gifts can create etched crystals that show your love and appreciation for Dad in a creative way. Men are so hard to buy for! Let 3D Laser Gifts take away the stress of finding that perfect gift.

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