The Perfect Personalized Mother's Day Gift from 3D Laser Gifts

Posted by Ben Britz on Thu, Mar 29, 2012 @ 11:40 AM
The 2012 clock is ticking; Mother's Day and the search for the perfect Mother's Day Gift are upon us already! Make your mother as happy as she deserves to be this Mother's Day with a customized photo crystal from 3D Laser Gifts.

Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day gifts are some of the hardest to buy, and so I always put it off until there is no time for anything other than flowers or a mix tape of her favorite songs that I burn from my iTunes library. Not this year! My mom, like every other mom, prefers personalized gifts from the heart, something that will make her think of me and, in the best case scenario, remind her of all the good reasons she carried me for 9 months and raised me for 18 years. Luckily, I have a wealth of digitized photographs from my childhood as well as more recent photographs that will bring tears of joy and remembrance to her sweet, maternal eye. Now, all I have to do is upload the photo I choose to and through their proprietary technology, turn the 2-dimensional photo into a 3-dimensional image that they will print inside a beautiful crystal. Furthermore, the talented folks at 3D Laser Gifts can add any text to the 3d crystal portrait to finish the perfect, customized Mother's Day Gift.

The best Mother's Day gifts:

Baby pictures: Find an old baby picture of yourself. If it's an old film snapshot, simply scan it in to your computer at a high resolution and upload that file here - we'll do the rest!

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Childhood milestones: Remember, the goal is to highlight the reasons your dear mother is happy she even had you. Find an old picture of yourself in Little League, in your Boy Scout uniform, winning the 1st place trophy in your regional spelling bee, or after your first piano recital. A crystal glass picture of your childhood self making your mother proud will make her feel those old proud feelings all over again.

Early family portrait: Everyone has an awkward old family portraitaround; you are probably around 8 years old with a gap-toothed grin wearing either a sweater vest or a floral print lacy dress. This may have historically been a source of embarrassment for you, but for your mother, these days when she and her family were young are probably some of the most meaningful and unforgettable. She'll love it.

Mother's Day Gift

Her wedding picture: This is where it all started, after all; this is how your mother became your mother! She'll doubtless be touched by yourthoughtful Mother's Day gift, a crystal portrait of her and y our father on the happiest day of their lives.

Mother's Day gifts should be thoughtful. This is the one day a year where we honor our mothers for all we put them through. Don't let this one slip by with the usual flowers and chocolates! Show your mother your love her and giver her back some of the love she's given you all these years.

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