Favortie All Time Movies Photos From our Photo Crystal Expert

Posted by Amir Lidgi on Sun, Feb 26, 2012 @ 04:32 PM

I am a self-proclaimed movie buff and have spent countless hours watching every genre of movie thinkable. Therefore, it is only naturally that my decorating taste incorporates my favorite movie photos. That is why I want to recreate my favorite movie pictures starring me and my family and place them on photo crystal laser gifts.

Reservoir Dogs - The most well-know photo from this movie is the group walking out of the dinner in their matching black suits.

reservoir-dogs crystal photo


Pulp Fiction - The twist contest with Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace would defiantly be a fun and easy recreation to make.

twist contest


The Wizard of Oz - Just about all aspects of this movie are well known by people of all ages and walks-of-life.

Jaws - The iconic movie that still makes people afraid to go in the water. This picture would be a bit difficult to recreate but would look amazing on a photo crystal laser gift.

Night of the Living Dead - Even though it is not the first zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead (and the rest of George A. Romero’s Dead series) made zombies what they are today. And you can thank this young lady’s frightful appearance for adding to the overall creepiness of the movie.

Young Frankenstein - Everything about this movie (from Marty Feldman’s eyes to Gene Wilder’s awesomeness) made this movie an instant classic and anyone who has ever seen it knows about Abby Normal.

The Princess Bride - A love story filled with action, adventure, giants and sword fighting. Recreating this image on a 3D crystal would make the perfect photo crystal laser anniversary present.



Star Wars - Princess Leia is both beautiful and tough, a great role model for girls. When your friends and family see a picture of you recreating this famous photography, they will know for sure which movie it is from and just how awesome you are.

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