Top Five Worst Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Ben Britz on Sun, Feb 05, 2012 @ 08:21 PM
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At a time where most blogs are busy pointing out the best Valentine's Day Gifts in an effort to keep the peace between couples during this most fraught of all gift-giving holidays, 3D Laser Gifts gives you the Top 5 Worst Valentine's Day Gift Ideas. This is because we are confident that our 3D crystal portraits are the most thoughtful and personal of all Valentine's Day Gifts, and if I wrote a Top 5 Best Valentine's Day gifts post, they'd all be variations on a 3D laser photo.

If 2012 is the year the world is supposed to end, don't bring the Apocalypse about early by getting the wrong Valentine's Day Gift. Here are some guidelines on what not to get:

Top 5  Worst Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Health and Weight Loss. You might think a fruit juicer or George Forman grill is a nice, thoughtful Valentine's gift. "It's a great way to eat healthy and lose weight" would be your only rationalization. You might as well get her a bathroom scale or a thighmaster. Nothing says "You need to change the way you are" like health food or exercise equipment.

Practical Household Items. Perhaps it's time to invest in a
nicer vacuum cleaner, washing machine, or Swiffer. Be that as it may, avoid giving these practical household items are gifts. You would eventually get them any way, and it's basically the same thing as telling your significant other that they should clean more - not the best way to get them in the Valentine's Day mood! Save practical purchases for non-holidays, and get a 3D crystal portrait of you two having a special moment, whether it's your wedding picture, holiday picture, or some other fond memory.

Gifts that are actually for you. It is bad taste to get your loved one something you plan on using yourself. At the risk of gender stereotyping, men should avoid things like autographed sports team jerseys, power tools, or grills (unless she's into it!). By the same token, women should avoid scented candles or gift cards to Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Your loved one deserves something specific and unique to them.

White Elephants. When a gift is described as a "white elephant", it means that the gift is more trouble and expense than it is worth to the recipient. This means no puppies, no kittens, no pricey surprise vacations with your annoying friends, and no actual white elephants. Instead, consider creating a 3D crystal of their pre-existing puppy that will make them smile every time they see its puppy face.

Homemade gifts. The obvious exception to this rule is if you are exceptionally good at making things that your Valentine's date loves. This is likely  not the case for 90% of us out there. Macaroni sculptures
and popsicle stick buildings may require a large time investment, but the effort will likely go unappreciated. Let us create the perfect  gift for you instead and order a 3D laser gift for Valentine's Day, something your date will appreciate forever.

When it comes to finding the perfect Valentine's gift, leave the hard work to us. There are so many terrible gift ideas out there - some are likely running through your head right now - so don't risk it. Find a photograph of some fond, shared memory, and let us create a 3D picture in glass out of it. Because you choose the photograph but we create the crystal, we take care of the hard work while you get all the credit for being so thoughtful. Deal? Go to and buy the best Valentine you'll ever give. Don't forget to enter promo code VALENTINESLOVE2012 for 25% off!

3D Laser Gifts - the perfect Valentine's Day Gift for everyone.

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