Making New Year's Resolutions from 3D Laser Gifts

Posted by Ben Britz on Wed, Dec 28, 2011 @ 12:58 PM

The New Year is right around the corner, and we at 3D Laser Gifts are all feeling the same guilt as you are from holiday overindulgence and the same pressure to better ourselves in the next year… starting AFTER New Year's Eve, of course. The Happy Holidays aren't over just yet!

With all the blog posts about New Year's resolutions offering all kinds of advice on how to be more productive, healthier, and happier, it can be overwhelming to really self-examine and come up with ways to better oneself. We have just the thing to encourage you: a 3D crystal sculpture with an image that will inspire you and strengthen your New Year resolve. Having a physical object around to remind you may just keep you from abandoning your resolutions by mid-March.

Making New Year's Resolutions with 3D Laser Crystal Portraits

Perhaps all the encouragement you need this year to meet your goals is a personalized crystal image. Think about it: which image best represents the goal you'd like to achieve this coming year in 2012? Nearly everyone we know has something they'd like to get better at, or some facet of their lifestyle they'd like to change. Here are 5 photo laser crystal ideas that may inspire and encourage you on your way to meeting your goals this year:

3D Laser Gifts Wedding

Lose weight this year.

Weight loss is most likely the #1 New Year's resolution every year, particularly since everyone has been enjoying their holiday feasts, boxes of chocolates, and candy canes for the past 6 weeks. Look for a picture of yourself at a younger, trimmer age - perhaps your high school football portrait, college cheerleading portrait, or your wedding portrait - and upload it to our site. We'll send you a 3D engraved laser crystal with that image, so every time you walk by it you can be inspired by a younger, skinnier you…and guilt yourself into a trip to the gym every time you look.

Gain weight this year.

By the same token, some people would rather gain some beef than lose some ham at the gym this year. Use a laser crystal portrait to inspire and encourage you to develop those muscles you were born to have. Find a photograph of an athlete or yogi or just someone who is really fit, someonewho's muscly enough to encourage you to hit the gym and get buff!

Snowboarding 3D Laser Photo

Improve your skills this year.

Whether you're a professional, an artist, a musician, an athlete, or a homemaker, improve your skills this year by ordering a crystal with an image you find inspiring. A Jimi Hendrix crystal might inspire you to practice your guitar just as a Michael Jordan crystal portrait would inspire you to practice your ball-playing. Or if your resolution this year is to be more organized and disciplined, find a picture of a stern-faced authority figure who's unblinking stare will guilt you into finally cleaning out your office. Portraits of depression-era grandparents work great, but so will a picture of your old football coach, elementary gym teacher, or Martha Stewart, who is very good at making everyone else feel like they could do better.

3D Laser crystal parents

Be a better parent this year.

Being a better parent is a goal that transcends a mere New Year's resolution, but having a crystal image of your beautiful children will melt your heart every time you see it, and strengthen your resolve to be the best parent that you can be.

Be better to your parents this year.

By the same token, those of us with elderly parents often find it difficult to find the time to make that weekly phone call or visit. But if you can find a picture of a tender moment you and your parents shared when you were a kid and upload that picture to, it may be all the (guilt-induced) encouragement you need to spend more time with them. And after all, you owe them!

Inspire yourself to meet your New Year's resolution this year with your customized 3D Laser Crystal. Put any image you need to encourage yourself inside of a beautiful crystal to help you keep your resolutions.

3D Laser Gifts: inspiration everywhere you look.

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