4 Tips for Personalized Crystal Gifts

Posted by Sivan Kaplan on Thu, Dec 08, 2011 @ 10:26 PM

Crystal gifts are one of the most personalizable and emotional options for every occasion – a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or a graduation. I believe that this present is the essence of wishing well and trying to create something memorable and unique.


Christmas 3D Photo crystal


These gifts can be exceptionally attractive, especially if several basic tips get followed. In my opinion, a crystal gift is something unique, which turns it in the perfect present for every special occasion.

A photograph can be transformed into a 2D or a 3D image inside a crystal through the use of innovative laser technology. Virtually any image can be transformed in such a wonderful souvenir.

  • I would recommend the selection of a photograph that holds special emotional significance. Some of the best presents mark memorable moments in one’s life. The laser technology is capable of reproducing relatively complex images. You will not be forced to pick a photo that features one person solely.
  • To make personalized crystal gifts extra special, you should also choose a company that uses the highest quality of equipment. The right laser technology and the quality of crystals will be determining for the appearance of your gifts.

Christmas flat photo crystal

  • Next, decide whether you want a two-dimensional or a three-dimensional image in your crystal gifts. The 2D technology is simpler and the photograph or symbol you engrave in it will have no volume. You will also be achieving a 100 percent resemblance with the photograph that you want to have recreated in the crystal.
  • In the case of 3D engraving, I would use our innovative software that is capable of transforming a photograph in a three-dimensional visual. The quality of the photograph is very important for the professional appearance of the crystal.  

Three-dimensional crystal gifts will increase the longevity of the photo – the material is practically eternal. It also looks more sophisticated than a traditional picture – the volume of the image makes it resemble a sculpture more than a simple visual.

I believe that a photograph that is carefully chosen because of its emotional significance can turn into an amazing crystal gift. Crystal gifts turn something mundane into a souvenir that will be loved and cherished for many years to come.

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