Three Easy and Fun Crystal Gifts Ideas

Posted by Sivan Kaplan on Mon, Dec 05, 2011 @ 04:12 PM

If you're like me, you want to give meaningful gifts. I don't like to pick up gifts at large discount stores or shopping malls where gifts feel mass-produced and unoriginal. When my friends and family open gifts from me, I want them to feel loved, so I look for gifts that are unique, special, and tailor-made.

I've found that crystal gifts, particularly 3D laser crystals,
make wonderful heartfelt presents. You can send in a picture of anything--from wedding portraits to a picture of a restored car--and the picture will be etched inside the crystal. People gasp when they see the custom 3D images suspended in beautiful crystal. They know I've thought this gift through, but what they don't know is how easy it was on my end.

Wedding portrait crystal

Here are three crystal gifts to help you with your gift giving. Any of these gifts would be much appreciated by your friends and loved ones.

Holiday Ornament

Every year when people decorate for the holidays, they reminisce about ornaments as they pull them out of their packages and hang them. There are several ways you can turn a 3D laser crystal into a holiday ornament. You can insert the crystal into a pre-made ornament, such as a glass ball ornament with a removable top. To keep the crystal from scratching the glass, add angel hair or luminescent plastic shreds to the bottom of the glass ball. You can also attach a hook directly to the top of the crystal using epoxy or another strong glue, add an ornament hook, and tie a ribbon around the hook.

Table Centerpiece

I like to give dinner guests something beautiful to look Skyline crystalat while they dine, and making a centerpiece out of a 3D laser crystal is beautiful indeed. This gift is perfect for someone who likes to entertain. Place the crystal in the center of a small square mirror that has bumpers or felt pieces glued to the back side. The bumpers or felt pieces keep om scratching the table. Place a small votive candle in each corner of the mirror. If you like, you can lay fresh or silk herbs or flowers around the crystal. The light from the candles plays off the crystal and reflects off the glassware on the table.


Paperweights liven up an office desk and make great conversation pieces when talking with coworkers and clients. Mount a 3D laser crystal onto a stained wooden block or piece of polished granite for a one-of-a-kind gift.

In my experience, crystal gifts are sure ways to make your friends and family feel loved. When they see that 3D image, they know you've taken the time and thought to please them.

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