Beyond the Picture Frame: Unique Ways to Gift a Photograph

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We have all been in this scenario -  an upcoming special occasion becomes the perfect opportunity to give a personalized gift, such as a carefully, handpicked photograph that commemorates that special bond between you and the recipient.

You choose the picture, have it resized, and pair it with the perfect frame – only to potentially see the picture later get discolored or damaged due to air and moisture and the frame disappear among the display of other photographs. 

Rather than have your gift blend in or disappear, choose a more unique option that will stand-out with both longevity and creativity.

 Photo on Wood

Photo Wood

Capture your most special memories in wood by turning your favorite photos into unique, customized photo prints on wood. Each wooden picture print is made of 1.5-inch-thick pine wood which can hang on your wall or stand on any surface - the perfect home décor! Using the latest printing technology generating a beautifully designed and personalized wooden print gift, the print has texture that gives the image depth and brings it to life. A great gift for any special occasion!

Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards

It is always a good idea to have a deck of cards on hand and your loved ones will enjoy playing with a deck personalized with your handpicked photos!  Each deck is a standard set of fifty-two cards plus two jokers and come with a hard case for storing.  Choose from a variety of templates and add other details such as color and fonts to make the deck your own unique gift!



Rather than spending time and money sorting, compiling, printing, and scrapbooking, Chatbooks takes all your digitally-stored photos from your social media platforms and computer files, arranges them by date, and creates a personalized photobook.  You can choose to have one made just for a singular occasion or you can sign-up for the photobook series and have a new photobook automatically created and shipped to you each time 60 photos are posted.  Photos and layout can be edited before printing and you can choose from hard or soft covers.  This is an easy, creative, and unique way to share multiple moments between you and you loved one.

Photo Blanket

Photo Blanket

If you are looking for a cozy keepsake, the photo blanket is a perfect choice.  Your favorite pictures combine to create a beautiful collage on a cozy blanket or just choose one memory to feature!  Available in six different fabrics and three sizes, the perfect photo blanket exists for all occasions.

3D Photo Crystals

3D Crystal

3D Photo Crystals are the perfect way to capture your cherished memories and, thanks to their durable construction from 100% crystal, you can rest assured knowing they will last throughout the years. Available in a host of different shapes and sizes, there is a 3D Photo Crystal that will fit perfectly atop any desk, mantle or bookshelf.  Styles are available and suitable for every occasion.  If there is a reason to celebrate, there is a reason to take a picture – and a reason to create a gift that will last a long time.

Cosmetic Bags


Printed using a unique edge to edge printing process, these leather or vinyl makeup bags are perfect for cosmetics lover in your life and look amazing with your own personalized photograph!

Printed quality cosmetic makeup bags come in a choice of four colors and have a fancy piping finish, zip opening, and a roomy interior. You can have a picture printed on one side you pick a second memory to have printed on the other side as well!

Any additional ideas of your own? Share in the comments below!

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