Anniversary Gifts by Year - A Complete Guide

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Gift Ideas for Each Wedding Anniversary - Years 1 to 15 

Each year in a married couple’s life is a milestone. An emotional journy of mutual challenges and love. Since every year represents something different, there is actually a traditional wedding anniversary gift list suitable for each and every year of their marriage, made from a specific material, that represents the milestones the couple has achieved.

These then become symbolic gifts that are exchanged or given to married couples. Here is what you should get married couples based on the Anniversary they are celebrating:

First Year Anniversary - Paper

Paper serves as a metaphor for the first year of marriage, signifying the clean slate that you and your significant other is embarking on as a couple.

Journals are a great gift idea for couples celebrating their first year anniversary. If it’s a gift you mean to give to your husband or wife, be sure to inscribe the first page with a thoughtful message. If you plan to give it to a couple celebrating their first year together, choose a classic style that you can have monogrammed.

Second Year Anniversary - Cotton

The woven fibers of cotton are symbolic of the second year of marriage, where couples are supposedly closer and individual lives are now intertwined. It also shows the strength and flexibility of the couple as a pair.

For gift ideas, anything that can be used for the home is a great option.  Cotton robes personalized with your names, monogrammed towels, or maybe even a plush new duvet.

Third Year Anniversary - Leather

Leather is a hardy material that represents protection. A marriage in its third year represents the growing security and stability that the couple gets from each other.

A leather-bound photo album filled with memories you’ve shared is a sentimental and thoughtful way to commemorate the occasion.

Fourth Year Anniversary - Fruits and Flowers

Like fruits and flowers, the fourth year of marriage is symbolic of how your commitment to each other continues to nourish the relationship.

An obvious gift idea would be a fruit basket, but you definitely want to make more of an effort. On the day of your anniversary, try giving breakfast in bed featuring sumptuous platters of fresh fruit that you prepared yourself to make a better impression.

Fifth Year Anniversary - Wood

Having been together for half a decade is marked by the strength and stability of wood. Wood also symbolizes wisdom, which hopefully the couple has gained as they celebrate five years as a married couple.

If you’re handy with tools, you could try hand crafting a wooden chest where you both can store keepsakes that you treasure. For those who are less inclined to do arts and crafts, a bonsai tree is also a great gift, which you can start taking care of and nurturing together.

Sixth Year Anniversary- Candy

The sixth year of marriage deserves a big dose of romance, represented by all things sugary and sweet. This is the perfect year to indulge in your sweet tooth.

You shouldn’t have a particularly hard time choosing a gift for this anniversary, but be sure to personalize the gift by giving their favorite sweet treat.

Seventh Year Anniversary- Copper and Wool

Copper and wool stand for warmth, safety, security and comfort. All these are key to an enduring and stable marriage.

Wool blankets are useful gift ideas that can be shared by the couple; while copper, his and hers key rings for your home are a great reminder of the life that you continue to build together.

Eighth Year Anniversary- Bronze

Each year that married couples spend together means they are growing and strengthening the relationship. Gifts are meant to reflect that. For the eighth year, bronze, a metal made stronger by fusing copper and tin, symbolizes the union of two lives that continue to gain strength through the years.

A cool and sentimental gift idea would be bronzing an item that has immense sentimental value for you—maybe your first-child’s baby shoes, or the bride and groom cake topper used on your wedding cake.

Ninth Year Anniversary - Pottery

A potter creates something from a lump of clay by molding it into something intricate, useful and beautiful. A married couple grows their relationship through the experiences they go through together.

Sign up for pottery classes that you can take with your significant other to commemorate this anniversary and one more experience to the rich thread of memories that you are building together.

Tenth Year Anniversary- Tin

Tin highlights preservation and longevity. This milestone is marked by tin to remind couples that it takes hard work to preserve the life that they have.

A sleek, new bartending set is a classic, must-have gift perfect for any couple celebrating a decade of marriage.

Eleventh Year Anniversary - Steel

Known as one of the strongest and most enduring metals, steel represents the fact that a marriage that has lasted this long is for keeps.

Intricately crafted jewelry made from steel is a beautiful way to remember this. Be sure to have it engraved with a simple message or the date of your wedding anniversary.

Twelfth Year Anniversary - Silk

Over a decade of marriage symbolizes not just the hardships that couples endure, but also the fact that they have also sailed through a lot of obstacles that every relationship goes through. It’s a reminder for couples to start enjoying the finer things life.

Take the time to celebrate this anniversary by indulging in luxury. A weekend staycation at a five-star hotel or a pampering spa weekend is a nice way to celebrate.

Thirteenth Year Anniversary - Lace

Lace is delicate and elegant. A marriage that has reached this point represents the direction that your relationship has taken, which is defined by a strong but beautiful symbol of your married life.

A classy, lace trimmed pillowcase set is something that can be given to both men and women for this occasion.

Fourteenth Year Anniversary - Ivory

Ivory is a rare and precious material that stands for purity, integrity and fidelity. A couple at this stage of their marriage must celebrate the devotion and loyalty that they have shown through the years.

Jewelry is a common choice to commemorate this occasion. If you want to switch things up a bit however, intricately carved ivory chess pieces are a unique gift idea for him or a piano would be great addition to your home.

Fifteenth Year Anniversary - Crystal

15th wedding anniversary crystal

Crystal is one of the most prized gifts in the traditional anniversary list. It represents the beauty of the life a couple has built together, the investment that each one has put into its growth, and the continued transparency needed to make it work.

Personalized crystal is definitely the way to go for this anniversary. A plaque engraved with your old wedding photo or a family picture, his and hers key chains etched with your names and your anniversary date, or a delicate ornament you can display at home are great crystal anniversary gift ideas.

For more options, browse through our full catalog of elegant crystal gift ideas. These crystal tokens are not only ideal for 15th anniversary gifts, but for any wedding milestone that you want to commemorate.

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