8 Great Easter Gifts for Kids

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Easter has become one of the major gift-giving holidays behind Christmas and Thanksgiving.

In 2013, about eight in 10 adult Americans celebrated Easter, and spent an average of $145 on candy, decorations, apparel and food, according to a National Retail Federation survey.

Store shelves are stocked with Easter-themed plush animals, coloring books, toys, candy and chocolate. The Easter Bunny has way more options to fill the modern basket.

“The whole holiday has become broader and become almost a gift-giving holiday especially for kids,” said Frank Guglielmi, retail company Meijer spokesman.

Here are some great Easter gift ideas for kids, regardless of your budget:

Gifts For Babies

Motor Play Basket

The goal of this Easter basket is to give babies, 0 to 2 years old, toys that promotes their motor development. The basket features stacking cups to help with eye hand coordination as well as fine motor skills; bath toys your baby can grasp, squeeze, and transfer toys from hand to hand; plastic eggs filled with rice and hot glued together for babies to work on fine motor skills and jam out to music at the same time; sand/water Toys to promote fine motor skills as well as incorporate sensory play; and yummy rice puffs they can grab with their tiny fingers to feed themselves.

Stuffed Bunny

Since your baby is too young to participate in the Easter egg hunt, why not just give them a stuffed bunny to play with. The faux bunny fur can help develop their tactile perception and fine motor skills.

Gifts For Toddlers

Garden-themed Basket

Buy a toy wagon with a small shovel, rake, and hoe, and fill it with chocolate treats. Use the gardening toys to play with them in the sand pit after they’ve finished eating all their sweet treats.

Washable Sidewalk Chalk

Encourage your little ones to explore their artistic side with a washable sidewalk chalk as Easter gift. Go out in the streets and use the bright, bold Crayola crayon pigments to produce an artwork that would make Banksy proud. When you’re done, wash it all away with a spray of water.

Gifts For Tweens

DIY Nutella Cream Eggs

Spend time with your bigger kids by creating simple dessert treats for Easter like this DIY Nutella Cream Eggs. Everybody loves Nutella and it’s a good excuse to bond more with your kids before they hit the dreaded teen years.

Decoupage DIY Avengers Easter Basket

Tween boys are big fans of superheroes like the Avengers or Spider Man. Create a nifty gift for them by decoupaging galvanized pail with superhero-themed napkins or gift wrappers. Stuff the pail with chocolate Easter bunnies and crème eggs.

Gifts For Teens

Spa Kit

Your teenager might be slowly becoming independent of you, but Easter is a good time to rekindle your bond by doing some good old home spa together. Fill her basket with face masks, nail polish, moisturizing crème and scented candle, and make your Easter Sunday a spa day.

Movie Tickets

Get your teen a pair of movie tickets that they can use to watch the latest blockbuster with their friends. If you don’t know what movie they would be keen to watch, make them a DIY voucher that says they are entitled to two tickets whenever they want to claim it.


Gifts for ANYONE

3D Laser Photo Crystal


You might want to give your kids their very own 3D photo crystal featuring a unique Easter artwork. There’s an on-going Easter special where you can get 35% off on your photo crystal order.

Easter is a popular family holiday, where people, even with their plethora of budgetary concerns, will look for creative ways to celebrate the occasion without breaking the bank. Make it a fun and special day with your family and loved ones.

Do you have other Easter gift ideas? Share them in the comments below.

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