7 Over The Top Examples of Corporate Awards

Posted by 3D Laser Gifts on Tue, Mar 01, 2016 @ 02:22 PM

award_gift.jpgWe live in a time that is all about motivation and feeling good about oneself. This trend is getting more and more popular in the workplace as corporations try to keep their employees motivated with incentives. Here are some of the most unusual corporate gifts on the market.

 Photo Frame

The perfect corporate award for the most narcissistic employees - You can receive an engraved picture frame with your employee photo inside. Because what’s more motivational than looking at a photo of yourself on your desk every day? Get your personalized frame award at www.corpawds.com.

The “Artistic-Style Blaze” Trophy

Wants to tell your employee that they’re on fire with an actual flame trophy? This corporate award can be your staple. Get your punny trophy at www.crownawards.com

Award Rings

Corporate gifts can be very extravagant, apparently, as shown by these customizable award rings. Large stones of every color, bands made from the metal of your choice, and shapes of any size. Don’t forget to engrave the company name in large letters around the gem or band.  Create your rings at www.terryberry.com

Oddly Shaped Paperweights

Admit it: paperweights, while potentially visually pleasing, do not have a lot of practical purpose. Silver star shaped, engraved paperweights probably don’t make much sense, unless you’re going for the literal “you’re a star!” pun. Either do crystal heart shaped paperweights, unless you are really close with your employees. If either of these apply, get the silver star shaped weight at www.e-corporategifts.com and the crystal heart shaped weight at www.awardszone.com

Flask Set

Alcohol use usually is not promoted in the workplace, but I am sure the recipients of this corporate award will be encouraged to use it in the privacy of their own home. Unless they happen to work at a whiskey distillery. The rosewood-finished flask set includes a flask, funnel, shot glass, deck of cards, and dice for this after-hours award. Get the flask set at www.awardszone.com

Custom Crystal Portrait Award

A massive step above the wooden frame on the classy scale, this award can also give the recipient a portrait of their face to keep on their desk. But this portrait is engraved in gorgeous crystal with a laser. For the employee who likes a touch of glamour. Get the custom crystal portrait award at www.3dlasergifts.com

Hold Up an Applause Sign at the Next Staff Meeting

If your gifting budget is small or nonexistent, don’t worry, there’s options for you too. There’s nothing that says “Good work!” to your employees like holding up a sign after a big meeting requesting applause, followed by awkwardly sitting through room-wide applause.


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