5 Wedding Day Gifts From the Groom to His Bride

Posted by 3D Laser Gifts on Thu, Aug 16, 2018 @ 03:24 PM

Groom to Bride Wedding Day Gifts

So much detail goes into wedding planning. From the dress to venue to guest list to food – there is a long list of items to complete and it can be a little overwhelming. 

To bring some calm to the chaos, it is a loving gesture for the bride and groom to exchange personal gifts on their wedding day. Often delivered by a member of the wedding party to avoid seeing each other before the ceremony, these gifts can help center the bride and groom and remind them why they are about to say, “I Do.”

 It is just as important for the groom to give a gift, as it is the bride. There are unique options that will bring truth to the term ‘wedding day bliss.’

Capture the Moment

Grooms can help their bride slowdown the wedding day by giving her a extraordinary way to capture moments with her bridesmaids. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Cameras have a sleek body design, automatic exposure measurement, and a view finder for increased visibility. Each picture is printed right away on business card-sized film. The bride will be able to capture and share all her favorite wedding day moments and the groom will be the one to thank! 


His and Hers

Brides love anything that shows they are a wife.  That’s why a perfect wedding day gift from the groom to his bride is a set of two adorable coffee mugs.  Each mug is handmade and hold 110z of coffee or the newlywed’s hot beverage of choice. Designed with permanent vinyl, one mug says "wifey" and the other says "hubby." The groom can even have it giftwrapped with a special message!



My Heart is Yours

The bride will appreciate the sentiment of the groom choosing his favorite picture of the two of them and turning it into a magnificent heart-shaped crystal that will allow them to relive that loving moment over and over again. Sitting atop any mantle, bookshelf or tabletop, this striking keepsake is destined to catch the eye of all who fall under its gaze. It will also surely be a topic of conversation for years to come.



Dance with Me

The first dance at the wedding is such an important moment – and so is the song! Many couples know their song right away, while others struggle to choose just one, because so many songs encompass the love they have for each other. Once that perfect song is chosen, the groom can gift the bride with a magnificent canvas keepsake.  Rather than just creating a canvas picture, the groom can have the lyrics of the song from the first dance imprinted on canvas – with or without the additional personalization of a photograph. The finished canvas is coated with an environmentally friendly protective seal to make it keepsake to last a lifetime.



To Have and To Hold

Every bride holds on to special trinkets and mementos from her wedding day. Whether its jewelry, photos, love letter, or special items, personalized keepsake box from her groom will be cherished for a lifetime.  This glass box is made of beveled, features a braided silver-plate trim accent, a hinged lid and rounded metal feet.  It will look beautiful on any dresser and will be used over and over again. A groom can’t go wrong with a personalized keepsake box!



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