5 Unique Gifts To Give Your Parents On Their Anniversary

Posted by 3D Laser Gifts on Mon, Feb 29, 2016 @ 12:05 PM

parents_gift.jpgOur parents are the ones who gave us our first glimpse into what marriage is like. There are joyful times, times of strife, but, most importantly, they were together through it all. Now that you’re an adult and in your own relationship, take some time to honor your parents. Don’t spring for the traditional card and “been there, done that” gift, though. Honor and thank your parents with something truly unique, just like their love for you and each other. Get some ideas of where to start with the five most unique anniversary gifts available online.

1. Document Their Love Story

This unique anniversary gift will be a treat for not only them, but for you and your family as well. This journal has 114 pages filled with lines for your parents to reminisce and write down all of their favorite moments that have made their marriage so special. Although the written word is a great way for your parents to travel down memory lane, a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. This journal has that covered, too, because it includes plenty of photo corners that can be used to secure all of the photos that capture their love.

2. A Different Kind of Diamond

No matter how long it’s been since your dad asked your mom to marry him, they both remember the feelings surrounding the moment. At the center of it all? A diamond ring. Get your parents a unique anniversary gift that will reflect that beautiful memento. Available right here at 3D Laser Gifts, this Anniversary Diamond allows you to choose your favorite picture of your parents to be engraved into a diamond-shaped crystal that will last a lifetime.

3. A Unique Family Portrait

One of the blessings of marriage is starting a family with your soulmate. Since you are a product of your parents’ love, why not get them a unique anniversary gift which reflects that. This personalized family portrait prints your family and year of establishment in an artsy style that sets it apart from the traditional family photo. You get to choose the skin tone, hair, and clothing of each person to give the portrait that special touch to fit your family’s style.

4. Important Dates

This beautiful, framed print captures important dates in your family’s history, from your parents’ wedding date, to all of their children’s birthdays and makes for a unique anniversary gift. You can choose from the colors of the rainbow, so it’s very likely that the favorite family color will be available. Although a family history spans decades, this canvas-printed version stylishly captures every milestone.

5. Festive Chocolates

Any normal box of chocolates would not be a very unique anniversary gift. This box of chocolates, however, most certainly fits into the unique category. This particular selection would be perfect for your parents’ 20-year anniversary, but there are similar options to choose from produced by the same seller. There won’t be any fighting over who gets which piece, either, as each box contains only delicious milk chocolate morsels.

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